Të vërtetat e marrëdhënies tënde me Perëndinë...

Skip the Stress #8


Thanks again for signing up for the series “Skip the Stress.”

I wanted to let you know about another series from me.

This series came about because someone wrote me asking, “How do I explain Jesus to others, without sounding like a ‘psycho’?”

I thought it was a great question! So I wrote this series specifically to answer that, called “How to Talk about God.”

People write me all the time thanking me for this series. They are grateful for easy ways to talk to others about Jesus. What has felt like a mystery before (How do I explain Jesus so people want to listen?) suddenly makes sense. They find new joy (and relief) in this.

The series is free, of course. And you can unsubscribe anytime if you want.

Many people will likely begin a relationship with Jesus, as a result of your efforts. (I see it happen all the time!)

Please go here to sign up for it. 


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